Fashion in New York City

Say Hello To The Big Apple

I’ve recently moved to New York to study fashion design. Even though I’ve been here for a couple weeks, it still feels like a dream: everywhere I go I see people sporting their unique style, which is actually stimulating and inspiring for someone like me who’d like to make a living out of designing garment.

Being one of the world’s fashion capitals, New York has developed its own style, which actually consists of many different styles. Everybody is trying to make a statement through what he or she is wearing, whether it is an impeccable suit or a sports jersey. I like sitting outside cafes or restaurants and watching people pass by, as I can see trends taking shape through their outfits.

New World for little Merle

The first days here have been wild, as it’s a completely new world for me. I’m still trying to get used to New York’s working pace and, fortunately, school hasn’t started yet, so I have some free time to explore the city.

Out of all the places I visited since I came here, one that has already taken my heart is Fifth Avenue. It is a real fashion paradise, a must-see for the style-savvy among you.

All about Fashion

All the brands I used to read about in magazines have a boutique or a store on 5th Ave, each with its perfectly arranged windows. Elegance is key in this area, but eclectic and outstanding outfits aren’t unusual.

Another landmark for New York fashionistas is Macy’s in Herald Square, one of the oldest department stores in NYC. The selection of clothes, brands and styles is huge: I don’t think one day will suffice for me to explore it far and wide as I’d like to.

Broadway is certainly worthy of note, since it’s so vast that you can virtually find anything you need.

Woooha: Shopping malls

If you have some free time and you’d like to go shopping, there’s no need to despair: New York has the best shopping malls I’ve ever seen, with stores for all tastes. If you happen to be near Columbus Circle and it unfortunately starts to rain, then you can go the Time Warner Center, a marvelous luxury mall.

Trying to become a real New Yorker, I asked some local friends of mine to show me some interesting spots out of the tourist zone. We went to the Meatpacking District, where you can find both local stores and international brands like Moschino, Maison Martin Margiela and Diane von Fürstenberg.

We also went to Brooklyn, where a friend of mine showed me some really cool clubs and bars, in addition to tiny boutiques where you can find handmade accessories and clothes, which are often sold by the manufacturers themselves. I can’t remember the names, but these are certainly stores to keep an eye on if you’re looking for unique stuff.